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Plot Bunnies for Luna

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...because my luna profile page is GIANT due to plot bunnies, I've decided to move them here. This page will be updated whenever I add a new one, too, so look out for that. There's a link on the side of my journal, though, below "LJ Fanfictions", because I'm dreadfully addicted to links. And to organization and tables. Yeah, those too. :)

Full Length Reader-Inserts

Till the Afterlife Do Us Part
~Fullmetal Alchemist~
Ghost (n): the spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats.

It was just an ordinary day. Get up, go to work, get killed... Now that your life is officially over and your afterlife has begun, you find a teeny, tiny problem: you're still stuck in the real world, this time as a ghost. And as if this wasn't bad enough, someone quickly moves into your now vacant house. Well, seeing as you can't figure out why you haven't moved on, and you have no leads, it can get kind of boring. You really don't have any choice but to haunt the new owner of your house... (You/Roy)

Perfect Nightmare
~Kingdom Hearts~
[AU] "Find him!" The phone rang once, twice, three times. The blood looked like paint splattered on the walls. "Did you see that? It almost looked like someone standing outside the window." You reached for the phone. "...have you checked the children?" A scream... and the phone went dead.
[NOTES - may or may not be done. I like the tentative first chapter I have, but I'm not sure how much I like adapting the movie any more.]

Game Over
~Kingdom Hearts~
[AU] Everything was normal. Perfect. That perfection was taken for granted. Then it shatters, so quickly you may not notice at first. They are not from this world. Darkness is everywhere, in everyone. It's easy to control... especially for them. Don't run -- they'll see you. Don't scream -- they'll hear you. As the world darkens, a desperate race for the light ensues. But don't let them get you. Because when they win... that's it. Game over. Don't bother hoping. They're here, and nothing can save you now.

Dark Side of the Moon
~Fruits Basket~
"You really want to know?" "Just tell us already!" "Well, the truth of the matter is... I see dead people." "...really?" "No, I've just always wanted to say that." (You/Undecided)
[NOTES - I just love this summary to pieces... and have the plot... but haven't had inspiration for any story beyond video games so this may be changed.]

Marry Me!
~Final Fantasy VII~
(Possibly a long one-shot) You didn't even like him -- so why, exactly, did you ask him to marry you? Why, to see his face as you pulled the greatest April Fool's Prank ever, of course! The thing is, you never suspected he would say yes for the exact same reason. And you're both too stubborn to be the first to give in. Well, there's only one thing to say: "Here comes the bride!" (You/Reno)

Dancing with the Devil
When you learned that Eyes Rutherford was coming back to Osaka after a year's absence, you are thrilled beyond belief. Being the obsessive fan you are, you immediately get tickets to his concert. Afterward, you even manage to catch him and talk to him! Lucky day! ...or not, seeing as a Hunter decides to try and take out Eyes while you're there. Now injured, you fall into the macabre world of "kill or be killed". Oh, and the Hunter? Yeah, you know him. In fact, he's your best friend. ....yeah. (You/Kousuke, slight you/Eyes and you/OC)

~Final Fantasy VII~
[AU] Every little girl wants to grow up to become a princess. They never realize how much trouble being a princess really is. Sure, there are fancy balls, nice clothes, and great food; but there are also boring functions, royal duties... and backstabbing politics. Enter you, who has just become of marriagable age. Now faced with a far more difficult choice than you ever could have predicted, you find yourself in the center of trouble. The question that remains is whether or not you'll survive... (You/?) [WIP]
[NOTES - Debating between making this a CYOA or not...]

Silver Moonshine
~Fullmetal Alchemist~
You smiled thinly. "I'm not exactly what I seem, Mustang." Not exactly, never be, will not. And the color of red is damning, no matter how you look at it. (You/Roy)

~Kingdom Hearts~
[AU] "I don't understand." The blood was slick on your hands.

"Something -- I don't know what -- has come into the ward. We can't seem to open any of the outside doors. The phones don't work. No cell signal. No power for the computers. But the doors to the patient rooms are suddenly unlocked. The gates to keep us away from them have been rendered virtually useless."

Start praying.

One-shot Reader-Inserts

Afraid of the Dark?
~D.N. Angel~
(One-shot) It's common sense not to venture out into the streets after nightfall. You never know what you'll find... (You/Dark)
[NOTES - Really, really old one-shot, that I'm only keeping around because... I love the title...]

Lost in Transition
~Final Fantasy VII~
(One-shot) Being lost is never a good thing. Being lost in a freakin' forest is even worse. And attacking the first person you've seen in hours? ...let's just say that today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking too good either. (You/Reno)

Damage Control
~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot) Xemnas has been having a little bit of trouble lately. Axel and Demyx have been causing a lot of damage around the castle, and the Superior is getting tired of all the burn marks and water stains. So he hires you to fireproof and waterproof the entire castle. Too bad you forgot to tell him you're only half-trained... (You/Xigbar) [WIP]

Chain of Reactions
~Fullmetal Alchemist~
(One-shot) "What do you chose? To live, and have a body that works, or to keep your humanity?" Decisions are never easy. But sometimes the consequences can be overcome. (You/Roy)
[NOTES - Debating deleting this...]

~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot) As humans, we naturally create new words. There is, however, such a thing as abusing the language. (You/Sora)

~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot) In an alternate reality, things are different. Merlin knows good and well that, in one of these other realities, they're just "game characters" (whatever those are). He also knows that magic has a twisted nature and doesn't recognize boundaries. And if he helped guide it a little, well, there wasn't exactly any evidence to prove it really was all his fault... (You/Leon)
[NOTES - Possibly going to delete this because the whole idea seems overused and just plain tired to me right now.]

For Better or Worse
~Final Fantasy VII~
(One-shot) "Will you marry--" "Ew, no! You're a girl! I'm straight, you freak!" "--my friend, Vincent?" (You/Reno) [WIP]
[NOTES - How this turned into a Reno one-shot, I will never know.]

As the World Goes 'Round
~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot) Sometimes, the right answer isn't always picture perfect. Life is bleak, full of dark choices that leave you wondering whether you chose the right one. When it comes to love, things only get all the more complicated. And through it all, the world continues to spin, not knowing the pain that echoes through even the most stoic of souls. (You/Axel)

Desperate Need
(One-shot, possibly a ficlet) "Lenalee and Kanda need to be together!" "...why?" "Um... for the sake of the world and it's desperate need for more children with long, pretty black hair!" (You/Lavi, Lenalee/Kanda)

Worth It
~Black Cat~
(One-shot) You were merely a secretary to the Chronos Numbers -- no one special. Shy and quiet, you weren't exactly memorable, especially compared to the others all around you. But he always made sure to say hi to you, and even strike up conversations when nothing else was happening. And, in the end, it was he who decided you might worth be saving. (You/Jenos)
[NOTES - Might need to reread the series before writing this one, but I'm reluctant to delete it because I love Jenos.]

Oh, Rats!
~Assassin's Creed~
(One-shot) "You're here to kill me, aren't you?" "What? No! What are you, crazy?" "Well, as defined by the city, yes, yes I am. I prefer the term 'cautiously wary' though." (You/Malik) [WIP]
[NOTES - What started off as silly and funny... is still silly and funny, but the reader is definitely a bit more fucked up than originally intended. In a good way, of course.]

Sew What?
~Assassin's Creed~
(One-shot) "You killed my husband." "I--" "THANK YOU SO MUCH." (You/Altair)

Body Language
~Assassin's Creed~
(One-shot) You only knew a few words in Arabic. "Help" wasn't one of them. (You/Altair)
[NOTES - When did this change from you/Malik? Don't worry, Malik fans, he'll still play a prominent role in the story. And will technically get more speaking time -- a LOT more speaking time -- than Alty.]

Doctor's Orders
~Final Fantasy VII~
(One-shot, possibly a mini-fic?) He had a mission to complete... and you were determined to keep him from it. (You/Reno) [WIP]

Full Length Non-Reader-Inserts

Flyin' High
~Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII~
It just figured that the first time Yuffie piloted a gummi ship by herself she would crash. And it just figured that she would land herself in a whole lot of trouble. What she did not factor in, however, was the dashing Sky Pirate determined to sweep her off her feet on way or another. (Balthier/Yuffie)

Till Human Voices Wake Us
~Final Fantasy VII, X, XII~
[AU] And would it have been worth it after all? They say college will be the best years of your life. Let's see if that's true. (Zack/Aeris, Auron/Rikku, Balthier/Yuffie, Reno/Tifa, Tidus/Yuna and off-screen cracky Riku/Paine) [WIP]
[NOTES - I want to do an AU like this SO BADLY HNNNN.]

One-shot Non-Reader-Inserts

The Problem with Curiosity
~Harry Potter~
(One-shot) [AU to DH] A request that he would rather not take; a problem she thinks she can handle by herself. When curiosity overcomes stubbornness, a whole new array of paths can open up. (Snape/Hermione)

Carpe Diem, Baby
~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot) Carpe Diem - to seize the day. Or, in Yuffie's case, to seize the man. (Squall/Yuffie)

Aye Aye, Captain!
~Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII~
(One-shot) "Hey, Squall!" "It's Leon." "Fine then. Hey, Captain Hook!" "...what the hell, Yuffie?" (Squall/Yuffie, slight Balthier/Yuffie)

The Unbearable
~Kingdom Hearts~
(One-shot?) It’s in the way she moves and breathes and acts and is. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop what her nature dictates. (Yuffie/Riku)
[NOTES - I actually have ideas for this. This may be a collection of short snippets into a Yuriku life, this may be a one-shot, or this may be a really, really, really long one-shot. We'll see what happens...]